To My Darling, Perfect, Little, Thane:

When I say you are home I don’t mean it’s your only one. Your history is a full one, rich with beauty and treasures that are wrapped inside your giftings and personality. And your family tree is a full one,  with roots and branches that cross continents and oceans. But at the center is you. The little boy with dimples who is the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky. And you are a remarkable human being.


And this is your home, here in the hearts of your daddy and I. It was yours before we ever held you, it will be yours until the end of time. Home is my promise to you. A commitment of love that will never quit.

These last two years have been full of getting to know each other haven’t they? There were growing pains and adjusting pains and more laughter than I thought the universe could hold. Those early days with you will always be held sacred in my mind, as we took the beginning steps towards building trust, towards trying to show you all the love we had in our hearts.


Our love is not conditional on yours. You need to know that. But baby boy, your love is a treasure that we feel honored by everyday. Your kisses and hugs and “I love yous” make the sun come up and world go ‘round.

This week marks two years since we started life together. Thank you for every moment.