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Seven months ago this week we first received pictures of the sweetest baby boy I’d ever seen – our Thane. Since then I’ve looked at his pictures first thing every morning and the last thing every night. That I now get to hold him, love on him, see him every morning and every night is a gift I will forever cherish.

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This afternoon Mom and I ran an errand while he was napping. Wow, I missed him. But I needed something warmer for him to sleep in as sleepers don’t work with his body type. My arms felt that old ache that they did through this entire adoption process. This feeling of something missing.

When we arrived back home Daddy had him in the nursery window. I smiled and waved, and at first he didn’t see me. Then he did, and much to my surprise a smile broke over his face, he did his delightful arm waving and all was excitement. Daddy and he met me at the door. Bliss.

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