random stream of memories

Rocking with him, feeling his body relax into my arms. Looking into his eyes while he drinks his bottle. The happiness, it overflows. I’m lost in the realization and wonder of getting to know this human being who I love more than words can say.

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He seems to relax the most when all three of us are together. It’s like he needs to know that everyone who takes care of him is present. If I see him tensing up we go and find Daddy and his smiles and coos make everything right.

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Today I find it interesting that he responds to my husband and I when we come in the room but not to my parents (who have done a beautiful job of staying behind the scenes. It’s good that he sees us as something different. He’s starting to understand that we are the ones who take care of him. He expects that. I don’t suffer any delusions that he knows we’re mommy and daddy or that he instantly trusts us. But the bonds of connection are starting to form and for that I breathe a prayer of thankfulness.

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  1. I love how you can’t see his hands in pictures because of his excited waving arms! 🙂 Too precious.

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