riding in cars with bottles

The doctor. Oh the doctor. Today Nat got (gently) prodded, measured, weighed, and sadly poked by two needles. The first one was quick and he didn’t mind. The second involved vial after vial of blood and more tears than I thought his body contained. It was heartbreaking.

On the flip side he also peed on one doctor and loudly talked at/lectured the nurse who took his blood. So there’s that.

Also, we are discovering that Nat loves riding in the car. His eyes go back and forth from window to window trying to take it all in. He does get irritated at red lights however. But then who doesn’t? I’ve been sitting in the back with him to get him used to things. Our relationship is still new and fragile and it’s important to me that he knows we’re *there*. Always. It will take time for him to believe that. And that’s okay. Because that’s our job. We’re the grown ups here. It’s not up to him to meet our emotional needs, we’re here to meet his. If we occasionally get a smile or a laugh (and oh my do we) then we are just more lucky than any humans deserve.




{{His eyes are reflective and deep, I think I could drown in them.}}