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he held out his arms

Nat has never reached for me. You know, that little things babies do where they hold up their arms to you? He’s leaned into me, he’s happy when I get him, but he’s never ASKED. Today, I walked down the hallway and into the living room where he was sitting in front of the couch and he held up his arms. I melted. Actually I bolted across the room to pick him up and we had a grand time dancing and singing to "Happy Together."

I think he’s starting to believe that I will be there if he asks. And because of that he’s more willing to be needy and dependent. To put his little heart out there. I’m so proud of him. I am so lucky to get to be his mother.

I feel an enormous debt of gratitude to his foster-mother. Because of his primary caregiver bond with her it’s easier for him to transfer that to me, versus if he had never had one at all. We talk about her a lot in our home. When he’s been sad at night I tell him I know he must miss her and that must be really hard. I tell him I’m glad he loves her, that I love her too. And I do.