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three weeks a family of three

Our family age is now three weeks.  I have a sign up in the kitchen that reminds me of this.  It’s there to remind me that no matter how connected/intertwined/completely smitten with this wee child my heart is I still have to see it from HIS perspective.  He met us three weeks ago.  Twenty-one days.  Less time than I have most library books.  This is all still incredibly new for him.

Having said that, this week Nat has relaxed more than I’ve ever seen him.  I can see it in his eyes, his body language, the way he melts into my arms.  The tension is leaving him.  He laughs easier, complains louder, can keep eye contact for a full bottle.   We’ve definitely crossed a line, things are easier for him.  We aren’t so strange.  I also feel like his language acquisition has jumped this week.  We try to use the same phrases over and over and he definitely knows them.  He responds to them.