the box to end all boxes

So I failed to buy the baby a single toy.  A single one.  I tried onetime but toys-r-us toy aisles scared me.  How many hideously colored plastic doodads can be in existence anyway?  But lucky for this baby he has a host of aunties and uncles and grandma and grandpas who have bought him tons of toys with no one hideously colored one among them.

But today, today I gave the baby a box.  The box his adorable owl-shaped humidifier came in (not that it mattered) and wow did I become mommy-of-the-year with that gift.  We drummed on it, we played peekaboo with it, and the of course we had a photo-shoot and I tried to imagine what his little  mind was thinking.


1. You gave me a box?
2. No seriously, this box is MINE?
3. This is the best day ever!
4. My joy can not be contained!
5. That’s it, I’m completely overwhelmed right now.