windmills and vroom-vrooms, picture is unrelated

Today I informed Thane we were going “vroom, vroom in the car” to see Daddy at work.  He waved his arms and smiled (typical) and then said “vroom, vroom”.  Hold the presses folks we have a brilliant child here.  Then, we got in the car and I put him in his car seat where he immediately whipped his little head around with the biggest smile on his face looking for where Daddy always sits in the driver’s seat. Then the poor child looked back at me with a “what the…” look on his face.  Whoops.


So we drove to Nate’s work where Thane was relieved that my promise held true and we did indeed see Daddy.  I then left my child with his Daddy and went off to my doctor’s appointment.  Okay, so it was a doctor who does massage therapy.  Which my insurance pays for.  I am lucky no?  Except for the whole going to get massages to help keep down the chronic and unrelenting pain part of my life of course.


Coming back to get my little one so his Dad could continue on in the business of making us money to spend my husband brought Nat to the door to meet me and when his little face broke into the biggest grin upon seeing me I thought I might just die.  Seriously.  No wonder N goes to work everyday.  It’s almost worth it to leave to come back to that much excitement.  I often wonder if Nat’s arms are going to fall off in the midst of one of his “I am so happy my arms have turned into windmills” moments.  But so far all is good.