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{{from March 2}}

I had it in my head that Thane’s first trip to the park should be magical.  If it was a children’s book it was going to be illustrated in watercolors with swirling points of light.  The words would be written in a curly font and they would be filled with everything that makes childhood delicious and perfect. I picked a park on the (Lake Washington ) waterfront, you can see the mountains across the way, and the seagulls float lazily along in a cloud-filled sky .  It’s a perfect setting.  It was Gigi and Papa’s last day and it seemed a fitting send-off.

So off the five of us went.  So filled was my head with unicorn dreams that I failed to remember that it was barely March.  In Seattle.  And there was no sun.  Now we had had lots of sun all week so I wasn’t quite as in denial as it might have seemed.

We arrived, bundled the baby up in his adorable new coat from Auntie AB and his too-big hat that makes his cheeks looks especially squishable.  Then I realized this park doesn’t have swings.  What kind of park doesn’t have swings anyway?  But it had a slide.  So we tried that (with N holding him the whole way.)  Nat hated it.  Hated it.  There were a few tears on the part of the bay and lots of guilt on the part of his mommy.

All told we spent about five minutes there and I’ve never seen a baby so happy to be put back in his carseat.


{{“And why exactly can’t we just do this at home like always?”}}

02 - blog

{{“So, let me get this straight.  A park is a place you go where you wear three times as many clothes as normal and then stand around taking pictures?  How… fun.”}}


{{Still slightly interested here.}}

DSC_0552 (2)

{{Right before the tears started.}}

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