cool cat errr tiger

For the last month you’ve become a bouncing baby.  Literally.  You bounce on my lap, you bounce on the couch, you bounce on your knees.  So we decided (while Papa and Gigi were here) you needed a bouncer.  Need is perhaps an exaggeration.  And your mama needed one that wasn’t ugly.  Need is definitely an exaggeration here.  So armed with gift cards from some very nice people Papa, Gigi, and I took you to the the big chain toy store for you to try some out.  We dragged those things off their shelf and put you in them.

It took you a minute and a little encouragement to figure out what strange contraption we had put you in but oh boy once you figured it out you were bouncing the springs out of those things.


{{Your cousin H picked these out for you long before you came home.  If you ever decide to be a rock star we now know you will look good doing it.}}



{{This picture has nothing to do with bouncing.  But you were wearing the same shirt in it and I love it.  So let’s pretend it’s here because your bouncing curls. Which really are adorable.}}



{{See, it’s a cute bouncer, right?  You also liked it the best because my baby has excellent taste.}}



{{Just when I think your dimple can’t get any deeper it sinks in some more… taking my heart with it.  Your dimple is a heart thief young man.}}