ordinary wonder

Dear Thane,

I love how my ordinary has changed with your arrival.  Laundry isn’t just a quick run down the stairs to transfer a load anymore.  Now it’s sitting on the floor talking about things that go round while we watch the dryer do its magic.  Dishes aren’t just dishes, now they involve singing and dancing round the kitchen to make you laugh while you watch me from your high chair.  This new ordinary takes a lot longer than the old one, but it has its own kind of magic.

I like how you play on my legs while I sit on the floor folding laundry.


I like your cheeks that are just too adorable.


I like the way you can go from thinking so hard…DSC_0009

…to smiling so big.DSC_0010

I like how your eyes squish together when you laugh….DSC_0016

…and shine when you’re happy.DSC_0018

I love your halo of curls and your chubby hands.DSC_0025edited

I like how you can turn anything into a drum and how your lips purse when you’re concentrating.DSC_0045

I love how we smile at each other when I come back in the room after ducking into the kitchen for a minute.DSC_0036edited

I like getting to know your ever changing expressions and trying to capture them with my camera.DSC_0051

I love you babe.  I’m so lucky to get to be your mummy. DSC_0049