Month: April 2012

Sailor Baby

My parents had three daughters, then there is an eight year gap, then they had four boys.  My folks are orderly like that.  And somewhere along the way my oldest sister was given a little sailor dress. Navy, white collar, red trim.  And all three of us girls eventually had our pictures taken in that little sailor dress.  We are kind of adorable.  Then came the boys and my mom decided against bucking gender-appropriate-stereotypes and decided to make a boy version instead.  []

Bunnies, Bibles, and Babies

{{Thane’s first Resurrection/Easter Sunday.  In Bunny ears.  Mommy’s world is complete.}} {{He loved the Easter grass.  I liked that it was the shredded paper king and not the plasticky-sticks-to-everything-made-in-the-bowels-of-Mordor kind.}}  {{The eggs all hold symbols of the Easter story in them.  He loved the one with the rock because apparently rocks+plastic egg=world’s greatest rattle.}} {{Two Thanes!!  The cuteness was almost overwhelming.  I was afraid the mirror was going to break.  Since I hate said mirror I was kind of sad when it []

happiness: an “ I heart faces” challenge

I’ve enjoyed reading at Iheartfaces for quite some time, but this is my first time to actually join in.  The theme “happiness” really resonates with me because since Thane came to join our family 10 weeks ago my heart has been filled to overflowing with happiness, amazement, and gratitude. I can’t believe I get to be this child’s mother.  I love him more than I thought possible.