adoption related mushiness

beautiful eyes

Three months into this parenting-thing and I notice little things more and more.  I celebrate the little moments.  Today, it’s eye contact.

The differences between now and then are amazing to me. He used to not want to hold eye contact throughout a whole bottle, and if I tried he would become agitated and irritated. So I would look him in the eyes for a little white, then look away to give him a break. Eventually he learned to look away himself when it got to be too much – too close.

But now we can sit through a whole bottle looking at each other. One set of brown eyes to another. I love that. I love that things are comfortable enough here for him now that he can be that trusting.  I’m so proud of him.DSC_0073

{{Trying to climb into my lap, the camera was put down as soon as I snapped this because seriously, who could resist those gorgeous eyes?}}