remember this, vol 1: flying down memory lane

Dear Thane,

So many of your little mannerisms are already changing from when we first met. You are an ever changing source of excitement and wonder.

  • You used to love to “fly”. Anywhere and everywhere, when we would pick you up and face you forward you would flap your little arms, kick your chubby little legs and fly. Down to the laundry room, down the hallway, across the living room, and to worlds unknown. Okay, we didn’t manage to make it to any unexplored worlds, but someday.

    Your flying was hitting its peak about the time Gigi and Papa came for their second visit, Papa would wear himself out flying you around the living room and through the kitchen and you would smile a full two dimples worth. The day we all went to Home Dep*t to buy wood for the gate Papa built you for the back deck (so someday you can ride your tricycle back there without literally flying down the stairs) you flew all over the store in Gigi’s arms. I’m not sure how she had the energy to carry your flapping self, my arms gave out around the paint department but somehow she did.

  • One time (before you learned to crawl) we were out in the front, I was attempting to work in the flower bed and you were sitting in the grass watching me, and the cars go by. Okay, mostly the cars, because my little boy you absolutely love cars. And as each one passed you started clapping and saying “aaaayy” for each one. People were openly slowing down to stare, wave back, and smile. You made everyone feel like a Nascar driver that day little guy.

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