these are the moments

…that they warned me about. The moments that rip your chest open, grab out your heart, and scream “you have lost all reason – you are that in love with this child!”

Moment One: Saturday morning (the 12th) we all woke up.  Okay, that’s not really true.  Thane woke up and proceeded to climb, paw, talk/yell, and in general made it known that we should wake up as quickly as possibly to have the honor of hanging out with him. So we did and talked and played in bed for awhile. (He sleeps the majority of the night in his crib, but the last couple of hours are sometimes spent with us. This is our attempt to buck both the AP group and the co-sleeping is dangerous faction.)

And at one point, with him sitting on my stomach and me telling him “I love you” in various attempting-to-be-humorous voices he looked at me and said “I lo lo”. No freaking way. And then he did it again. And perhaps if I had responded with a slight smile and a gentle squeeze and told him I love you back in a gentle mother’s voice he would have continued to say it. However, I’m me and so I screamed, lifted him in the air, tickled him, ate up his cheeks with noisy kisses, and in general acted like a darn fool.

Moment Two: Thane is very opinioned about me talking on the phone, as in I should only do so if the phone is on speaker. He also assumes every phone call is Daddy, though he’s getting better about that one. One time he yelled at me because it was NOT Daddy on the other line. It’s humorous. It will probably not be so humorous when he’s twelve. Oh well.

So, May 7th was just another phone call and Thane did his usual big smile, excited flapping response to hearing Daddy’s voice, and I did my usual “say Hi to Daddy” speech. But instead of being met with babbling (common) or just a wordless smile (more common) or biting the phone (extremely common) he opened his perfect little rosebud lips and said “haaaa”. My child spoke! In a southern accent no less.

Since then he’s repeated his trick for Gigi on the phone and a few other times. He still refuses to do it without the presence of a phone call though, my attempts at getting him to say it in person are met with a look that clearly says “you’re crazy woman – there is no phone.”

This brings his current list of words up to

  1. Dada
  2. Mamama (which can mean mommy, but often just means I want something)
  3. Bababa (bottle)
  4. Nanana (I don’t want something or  whatever you are doing right now – STOP)
  5. Haaaaa (hi)
  6. The word he uses for his foster mother (I’ll expand more on this in another post.)

Moment Three: Thane doesn’t really offer kisses unprompted too often. But on the 8th he out of the blue grabbed my face between both chubby hands, turned it sideways and planted a wet sloppy one on my cheek. *Cue angels singing and harps playing* this Mommy was ridiculously happy.


{{I love this face. This is a face of concentration and trying to figure the world out. This is a face that studies things.}}

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