the baby turns one

I’m a bit late in writing about this, but we’re been living life too hard to record too much of it the last three weeks.

Thane’s birthday fell on a weekday and we decided to celebrate with just the three of us.  Our own, still relatively new, little family.  (We had a family party later that weekend, and a bigger one in CO a few weeks later.) N had to go to work of course but he got off early and Thane and I just had an amazing day together. I finished his cake, put the finishing touches on the decorations, and still had lots of time to play with the birthday boy. I left the kitchen a mess after cooking, and the bathroom a disaster after bath time,  because really, dirty dishes and wet towels are an everyday thing aren’t they?  But birthdays come only once a year, you have to hold on tight to every precious moment.

And what moments they were.


{{I was super pleased how the little decorations I made all came together – the banner over the fireplace, the one on the front of his highchair, his little hat, and the banner that went on his cake. And I simply adore paper lanterns, they scream *Happy* to me.  I was shocked he actually wore the hat for 5 seconds allowing us to snap a few pictures of the cuteness!}}


{{He started off very serious about the whole thing, politely taking little licks off his fingers, but it didn’t take long for him to dig into the thing with gusto. There’s nothing like your first real rush of sugar apparently.}}


{{If he looks like he’s waving to the adoring crowds he was, we had two computers set up with family on Skype, including my sister who lives overseas. How special that technology allowed her and her family to share in the moment. It was rather funny when Thane would wave at his cousin sending cake and frosting flying, speaking of which I believe there is still some on one the slipcovers in the living room.}}


{{I think he had a good time.}}


{{Cake covered dimples are the best.}}


{{Rubbing noses with Daddy.}}

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