Month: July 2012

six months together

This week we celebrated six months together.  That seems unreal.  It’s been an amazing six months. It’s been perfect and beautiful and messy and amazing.  I love this kid.  He’s clever and brilliant and courageous and trusting.  He’s also really cute and has a smile that makes even gruff old guys and too hip-for-life teens smile back when he works his dimpled magic on them at the grocery store. Six months ago I was so nervous. Just waiting to meet him, hold []

tents, movies, and his first father’s day

I remember camping with fondness when I was little. So carefree, so easy, so fun. And holy cow, my mother must have done a crapload of work because the amount of stuff I drug with for one child was insane. How she did this with seven kids I don’t know. But it was worth it all because oh my word we had so much fun. For his first Father’s Day my husband requested a camping trip to beautiful Whidbey Island (one of our []

random thoughts

Adoption/fostering is such a contradiction in emotions at times I think.  Because whenever I get excited for one of my friends that has a placement or a referral my heart is also breaking a little thinking of what the kids had to go through to bring them to the point where they needed the placement/referral. Even with Thane I feel that. My love for him is so strong that to think of being separated from him makes me feel my heart is crumbling, []

hour glass

Dear Time, What’s your hurry? Are you late for something, the end of the world maybe? Couldn’t we slow down a little and make the time he’s little last a bit longer? Because this baby is growing up so, so fast. I blink and he can do something new. Is trying out a new word. Is understanding more. And I sometimes feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean trying to stay unmoving. And the more I try, the faster I’m []

this one is for you Auntie A.M.M. (because you asked)

My sister lives on the other side of the world. In China. And in one of those “seriously universe”? moments she left the country exactly one week before Thane came home.  A few weeks earlier we thought we’d been given a crazy gift and their paths were going to cross. But the wheels of the US government move slowly and we didn’t receive the paperwork when we hoped.  So, they’ve never met. I’m not sure when they will as she and her family []