this one is for you Auntie A.M.M. (because you asked)

My sister lives on the other side of the world. In China.

And in one of those “seriously universe”? moments she left the country exactly one week before Thane came home.  A few weeks earlier we thought we’d been given a crazy gift and their paths were going to cross. But the wheels of the US government move slowly and we didn’t receive the paperwork when we hoped.  So, they’ve never met. I’m not sure when they will as she and her family won’t be coming back to the States for awhile.

So Skype has become our friend. We even set up a laptop the day of his 1st birthday cake so she and her hubby and kiddos could watch.  We’ve often joked that he’s going to grow up thinking they exist only on computer screens, like some TV show where you feel so close to the characters even though you’ve never met.

In my parents home they have a wall with all their children’s pictures on it. We each have an 8×10 place of honor.  And with 7 kids here and 1 in heaven it’s quite the lineup. But what made me laugh so hard was the first time Thane noticed the pictures he seemed to zero in on Auntie A’s with her family, his face broke into a grin and he waved like he waves at the computer screen. Because really, to a baby what’s the difference between a picture and a computer?

So because Auntie A has been asking, here’s a new picture. Just for you. And for Thane’s other 400 Aunts and Uncles.