hour glass

Dear Time,

What’s your hurry? Are you late for something, the end of the world maybe? Couldn’t we slow down a little and make the time he’s little last a bit longer?

Because this baby is growing up so, so fast. I blink and he can do something new. Is trying out a new word. Is understanding more. And I sometimes feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean trying to stay unmoving. And the more I try, the faster I’m swept along.


Couldn’t you be kinder time? Couldn’t we hold still for just awhile?

And then I think how kind you really are. Time is passing, Baby is getting older. Is getting older. As in growing up. As in not dead. And I think of all the babies and the mommies and the daddies who never got that chance. And I realize these feelings of moving so fast aren’t something to resent, they’re something to embrace. I need to lay back and relax into the waves. Letting them take me up and down, up and down. No fighting. Just breathing. Just being. Because just being is a gift not everyone was given.


And these waves aren’t just taking me away from where I was, they’re taking me someplace new. Someday these baby days will be gone, but I’ll have others. And they will have a beauty and wonder and heartbreak I can only imagine.

So I take it all back Time, you are  kind. And I thank you for the moments I have, and the moments that are still to come. I promise to treasure every one.

-Thane’s Mommy


{{This face will never get boring to me. Which is good because he makes it about 104 times per day.}}


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  1. Love, love this post. It says a lot. WAY better than I could. Thanks for sharing. It helps me process what I think!

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