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Adoption/fostering is such a contradiction in emotions at times I think.  Because whenever I get excited for one of my friends that has a placement or a referral my heart is also breaking a little thinking of what the kids had to go through to bring them to the point where they needed the placement/referral.

Even with Thane I feel that. My love for him is so strong that to think of being separated from him makes me feel my heart is crumbling, but at the same time if I could go back and change his life so he never needed a second family I would do it in an instant.

But I don’t have that power, so I can only hold up my feeble efforts at extending grace to a broken world and hope that God will make all things right in the end.


{{Taken through our front window, April 2012.}}


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  1. Beautifully shared. Sorry your heart has to break like that. Sorrowful that there is need for adoption in this broken world. Smiling that there is adoption in this world. Love ya!

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