tents, movies, and his first father’s day

I remember camping with fondness when I was little. So carefree, so easy, so fun. And holy cow, my mother must have done a crapload of work because the amount of stuff I drug with for one child was insane. How she did this with seven kids I don’t know. But it was worth it all because oh my word we had so much fun.

For his first Father’s Day my husband requested a camping trip to beautiful Whidbey Island (one of our favorite places) with a side visit to the drive-in theater there. He didn’t have to ask me twice. We haven’t been to a movie since the baby came home. We used to go about two times a month and since we’ve been married almost nine years it’s quite the habit. In fact, when our social worker asked what the most challenging part of parenting had been that’s what I answered – not getting to go to movies. We’re deep like that. Not that we resent it or anything, we knew it would be that way. But we have missed it. (We’ve chosen to not leave him for awhile in order to facilitate bonding/attachment. We did actually leave him in CO with my mom last month but I digress.)

camping post6-001

{{It was beautiful and misty and from this outlook you can see the ocean, the mountains, and it is divine.}}


{{An astute tracker will notice the crawl marks leading to the fallen log.}}

camping post2

{{He absolutely loved explorer everything. From the minute we put him down on the ground he was off feeling everything, tasting lots of stuff, and in short having the time of his life. And yes, that is a raindrop on his head. But we’re from Seattle. We’re tough like that.}}


{{His expression says: “But why I can’t I crawl down the cliff that leads to the bluff that falls into the ocean? Huh? Whyyyyyy????}}


{{N is an amazing father. Amazing. The love and energy he pours into this kid astounds me. I love him for that. And for so many other reasons.}}

camping post4

{{The lighting was so strange at the drive in, I love how it makes this picture look like it is from the 70’s or something.}}

camping post7

{{I thought nothing was cuter than a baby in pjs but a baby in pjs in a tent is just that much cuter. In the bottom left picture he’s helping Daddy turn the pages on his reading thingie.}}


{{The end. Heh.}}

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