Month: August 2012

the rituals of fridays

When Fridays come we do the “Garbage Truck Dance”. Garbage truck + recycling truck + yard waste truck x 2 sides of the street = six times that this little boy nearly jumps out of his skin with joy because garbage trucks are the single coolest thing on the planet (except for Daddy of course.) And he can hear them from any part of the house (score one for single pane windows!)  Last time it happened right after I pulled him out []

and just like that…

…The baby started walking. He took one step back on June 27th. A nice way to celebrate his referral anniversary I thought. Actually, I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize what he was doing and once he realized it he sat down and started crawling as fast as he could. And he kept crawling until three days ago when he decided to take a few more. Then two days ago he took about ten. And then yesterday, well yesterday I looked over and []