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31 days to talk about (adoptive) mommyhood

“The Nesting Place” is doing a 31 days series. For 31 days she’s challenging us to write a post daily on one subject.  I thought it would be a fun exercise and might help me catch up on the loads of stories and thoughts rattling around my brain about our amazing son and being an adoptive mom.

Let the games begin…

31 days

  1. tales from a trans-racial family at target
  2. of trees and foster mothers
  3. we see his face, part 5: together (a letter to my son)
  4. we see his face, part 6: the next day
  5. picture post: a baby, a hat, and a tent
  6. cuteness flashback picture post: sailor mouth
  7. dirty mirrors
  8. family and the things I don’t write about
  9. baby k
  10. morning memories
  11. confession
  12. conversations that made me laugh
  13. cuteness flashback picture post: baby on a couch
  14. happy
  15. dates, memories, and the sacrifice of trees
  16. we’re the adults now right?
  17. keep calm… adoption style
  18. dishwasher
  19. we loved you before we knew you
  20. about nat
  21. cuteness flashback picture post: nine months ago
  22. half a lifetime
  23. what did mommy say when she saw your picture?
  24. why do you ask (and why i wish they wouldn’t)
  25. growing up
  26. fragile

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