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tales from a trans-racial family at target

Thane and I went shopping a few days ago. He happily helped me push the cart along until I stopped in front of the stuffed animal section to look for a gift for our maybe-baby’s care package.  Bored with this particular part of the aisle he walked a few yards away from me, past a very pregnant couple, to look at the toys that make noise (a sensible choice I thought.)  The couple said hi to him, he smiled back and then realizing he couldn’t see me he started to wail.

The dad member of the pregnant couple looked completely distressed, backed up so Thane could get a clearer view of me walking towards him, and as he looked at me, and back at Thane, and back at me I could see the wheels of his brain turning. Was I the nanny? The mom? A friend?  He finally stammered out to Thane “It’s okay, your…. your… person is right there!”

It made me laugh.  After the baby was okay, which he was as soon as he could see me.  I like being my little guy’s person.  I accept the title with honor.  I’ll answer to Mommy too of course.



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  1. My son (age 5) was adopted from China at age 4. He can be shy at times and will get very concerned when I speak to strangers aka store clerks, passerbys, etc. He’ll tell me I can’t talk to them because they are my “people”. Makes me chuckle everytime.

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