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dirty mirrors

We have this mirrored wall in our living room.  I’m not sure which previous owner put it there but I’m guessing it was someone who woke up looking slightly better than I do in the morning.  Because running into a reflection of yourself first thing is not my idea of a good way to start the day.

But Thane and I do have this ritual when we see ourselves in a mirror together.  We stop, I squeeze his cheek to mine or give him a kiss and I say “Who’s that?  It’s Mommy and Thane!  We’re a family.  And we look like a family.”

See, I read somewhere that you have to hear a truth twice as many times to counteract a lie you hear so this is my little way of trying to build some sort of defense up in preparation for the first time that Thane hears (and understands) our relationship being called into question because of skin tone.  Maybe it’s a silly ritual.  Maybe it does nothing but make me smile and him smile.  But at any rate it makes that darn mirrored wall just a little easier to tolerate.


{{Pictures taken in previously mentioned dirty mirror.}}


{{Pictures from August.}}


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