family and the things I don’t write about

I don’t talk much about them because I value my privacy pretty highly so respecting others privacy is important to me.  So I keep most of the memories and pictures of times with family off this little online journal.  But what times we have had the last few days!  Perfect times that you want to bottle up and hold onto forever.  More cave paintings of the soul if you will.

We’ve spent the last week in the same town where my Dad, Mom, four brothers, one sister in law, one sister, one brother in law and one niece and nephew live. It’s where one of my two best friends live. It’s also where my husband’s grandfather and three uncles and their families live.  It’s where we met and spent the first two years of our married life together.  It’s a special town.  Some of the best times of our life and one of our worst happened here. We moved away seven years last month which is so hard to believe.

Nate and I are both lucky enough to come from families that embrace transracial adoption whole-heartedly and without reservation.  Our little Thane has been welcomed, loved on, and spoiled quite sweetly this week.  And that’s amazing to watch.

I love that this little boy has brought something amazing and new to our family.  I don’t see the age old question of nature vs. nurture as a tug of war.  I see it as a mixing bowl where what his first family, his foster family, and his adoptive family give him is thrown together, mixed around and from that my little son will create something unique and beautiful and entirely his.  Watching that unfold is going to be one of the highlights of my life.


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