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I’ve mentioned this in passing here and there in posts, but haven’t actually come right out and said it…

A couple of months ago we accepted the referral of an itty bitty baby boy from central Africa.  He is adorable, with big brown eyes that make my heart melt.

I haven’t been publically blogging about it in detail for a number of reasons.  Our agency is very cautious about how much they are comfortable with their clients sharing online during the process (including country name and pictures.)  And I haven’t decided how much I feel good about sharing either, especially right now when the journey is still so new. Once we pass the next step in the process I will probably share more.

But the last few days have been very hard and I found myself not wanting to write or post about any of the subjects/stories I planned to.  Because our little guy is sick and has been hospitalized since Thursday.  And not being there, with him, knowing what’s happening is harder than I could ever explain.  We are so grateful that his foster mother is with him and that he’s getting the care he needs.  I hope all will be well.  I choose to believe all will be well.


{{Sunset over the Colorado foothills.  Taken from my friends car a few days ago.}}

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  1. W, I am so sorry. I can only imagine how you feel. I am so thankful he is getting good care and I will be praying for his full healing.

  2. Hi W, I look forward so much to your posts. Thank you for sharing about baby K. We so want him to make it home to you guys. Lord, we pray for that little tiny baby and his care, that you would overcome and give him life, please. Hold him, and bless him in Jesus’ name. Love, Dawn


  3. Hang in there. I know how agonizing it is to wait and hope and pray from another continent. Our little guy was sick, in an orphanage in Africa, for quite some time. We would get periodic updates…they ripped us apart to hear about him suffering. I can still remember how sick to my stomach I was, feeling like I couldn’t do anything. Your little guy will be okay…they are so amazingly strong. He’ll hang in there 🙂 (Feel free to read our adoption story at

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