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conversations that made me laugh

Grocery Store Checker: “That your child?”

Me: “Yes.”

Grocery Store Checker: “He gets nothing from mommy, yes?”

Me: “Well, I think he got my temper.”


Random lady at grocery store: “Your son is gorgeous .”

Me: “Thank you. He’s certainly cuter than any baby I could make”

Random lady at grocery store: “No…. (looks at me, down at him, up at me) Yeah, you’re probably right.”

{{Picture from August, stories from a few months ago. Trying to find something humorous to occupy my mind this evening.}}


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  1. This is Mrs. Feit Can Write (Michelle). I am tired of people asking me if this is my daughter. I know she doesn’t look like me at all and yes, she is cuter than any baby I could have possibly conceived, but please people, stop asking where she gets her curly hair! Thanks for the vent. YOUR son is absolutely adorable!

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