dates, memories, and the sacrifice of trees

On Friday we mailed off a packet of paperwork for the current adoption.  That makes it sound so easy.  It wasn’t.  I had to sort through the emails from our agency (okay, that was easy.)  Then I had to convince my laptop which currently hates me that it was in its best interest to download them all.  It did so mumbling and complaining the whole way and then threatened to die on me just because I hadn’t plugged it in for several hours, the ingratitude I tell you.  Then everything had to be printed while I prayed to the Ink Cartridge Fairy to please make the ink last through the final form.  For the record the fairy totally bailed on me right as the VERY LAST FORM was in the printer queue.  No Christmas card for you this year Ink Cartridge Fairy.  Then I was supposed to assemble them in a specific order, because it’s a well-known fact that if you assemble adoption paperwork in the incorrect order it will self destruct.

So finally we were ready and Nat and I went to my husband’s office to take one last look on everything, sign one last form and then mail the approximately two pounds of paper off.  For the record I think it would be very hard to be a tree hugger AND go through the adoption process.  Because seriously, I have killed off at least one grove of trees between our two adoptions.  I feel bad about that but at the same time I know I would personally bulldoze a rainforest if I had to in order to get my babies into my arms.  Someday I will plant some trees in my sons’ honor to alleviate my guilt.

And while assembling it I couldn’t help but reflect that just one year and one month ago exactly we were assembling the same forms for Nat’s adoption.  Of course last year while sitting in N’s office we weren’t also trying to keep a little boy from destroying everything in sight.  Last year I didn’t know how hard the next months would be until he was with us.  Last year I didn’t know how much more I could possibly grow to love him and how much he would change our family for the better and the more beautiful.

Makes me wonder what next year will think of this year.  I’m excited and also a little nervous.  I’m not a huge fan of change.  Unless the change comes in a gallon or two of paint because painting is my happy place. I would also, for the record, be okay with the kind of change that made me wake up and able to fit into the jeans I wore on my honeymoon that currently sit on the top shelf of my closet mocking me every chance they get.

Crappy cell phone pic to immortalize the day because my kid can make even my awful phone pics look good.  Also, they are the only ones I have because I didn’t bring my camera.  Also I like how the blur in the photo makes his teeth look freaky.


Also this weekend, because we hadn’t had our sawdustthirsting fill of tree death yet we finished up our paperwork for the adoption tax credit.  I guess there are lots of opinions on how many copies of receipts, etc you should send with the initial filing but we went ahead and sent it all, with detailed notes on what each one was for, etc, etc, 55 pages of etc.  So that was fun.

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  1. Lol about the tree-huggers. My husband is a forester and loves to remind people that *tress can be a sustainable product!*

    But I digress. This is exciting^. I’m so glad that you’re blogging as you go and allowing “us” to follow along 🙂

  2. Yikes! That’s one heap of paper! Sounds like you have to be a genius with paperwork to adopt a baby. Nat has changed so much — he doesn’t look like a baby anymore. Such cute little toddler — love the couch photos. We continue to thank the Lord for baby K’s health. Dawn


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