we’re the adults now right?

Apparently having children doesn’t grant you instant perfection.

I mean, I knew it didn’t, not really.  But it’s still been a little bit of a shock to me how little we’ve changed with the addition of Thane into our family.  I think deep down I had the subconscious belief that the world would basically start spinning the other direction and we would morph into something that resembled mature, have-our-stuff-together, adults. And… we’re not.

Absolutely some stuff has changed, like evenings have a lot more giggles, sleeping in happens less frequently, eating out isn’t the long peaceful process it used to be, and there are lots more sticky messes throughout the house. But at the core of who we are as a couple I don’t think we’ve changed that much. The stuff we used to fight about we still fight about, the stuff we didn’t fight about we still don’t fight about. We still watch TV in the evenings (just usually after the kid has gone to bed.) We still eat dinner on the couch a lot of evenings (see previous note about sticky messes.) And we still stay up way too late and regret it the next day.

Basically, we’re still the same flawed human beings we were before.  But now we get to pass on our flaws to another human being.  And really, isn’t that what being a parent is all about?


Last month we went back to Whidbey for the third time this year.  The second trip was in July and I need to write about it sometime because it was the same weekend we first heard about our darling Baby K.  But that’s a story for another day.  For now – pictures!

Screen Captures2

for the blog - delete later8

{{Pictures from September.}}

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  1. So proud of you guys for going camping! It’s a lot of work, but worth it. Wanta give that little boy a hug! And yep, we continue to see how flawed we are as old parents, but glad for grace and how great our kids are.

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