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Trying to catch up on the latest about our cutie:

-He actually sits through books now that aren’t “Goodnight Moon” or “Barnyard Dance”.  Of course I usually have to make up a better story and do funny voices and/or movements but honestly I’m not sure if that’s for him or for me because the lack of storyline in board books is appalling.

-He can stack blocks.  Auntie L gave him these awesome soft squeezable ones and he finally got old enough to use them as something other than missiles.

-He loves climbing on things. Loves it.  He gets so proud and starts clapping for himself, kind of adorable.  I think it’s a good thing we used our hardwood floor fund for adoption fees instead because the extra thick padding on this carpet loves babies.  The off-white color everywhere, including the dining room not so much.


-He really likes playing on my phone.  But after starting out pretty innocently by sending out a few texts & emails & writing on Gigi’s FB wall he moved on to deleting whole text conversations and somehow merging three different mail accounts.  So now he’s been banned from the phone unless I help him.  And whenever I get done with a conversation I’ll let him hit the “end” button.  Which mean he now will start saying “bye bye” as soon as I get on the phone, which is pretty funny.

-On a related note I must yell (cough, cough) at my computer a lot because he yelled at his laptop the other day.  Yes, he has his own laptop. (An old one of N’s.) Which he dances on. Literally, like on the keyboard.

-We sometimes call Baby K BabyKakes so Thane picked up on that and calls his pictures BabyBay and will kiss his picture when he sees it on my phone.  Melt my heart.

-He’s been with us over half his life now – I need to post about that.  It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

-He’s getting the whole concept of playing pretend now.  The other night at a restaurant he took this toothpick that had orange cellophane on the tip and started blowing at it and saying “haaaahaaa” (hot)like it was a candle.  Clever little guy.

-He pretty much runs everywhere these days.  Which is a blast except when I blink at stores and realize he’s off and down the aisle.

-He decided the garbage bag belonged in the living room the other day and when I asked him why this was his wordless answer.


-The photo on the right is just because I love his batman shirt that the M family gave us.  And because “I’m Batman” was his first complete sentence.  Not that his Dad and I are proud of that or anything.

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