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twenty three pictures

Dear Thane:

During our wait for you the best part of each month was getting update pictures.  We must have stared at each set for hours, taking in each expression you made, marveling at each glimpse into your personality. Memorizing each freeze framed moment of your life that we were given.  Twenty three pictures, that’s how many we have of you during those first seven and a half months of your life. I cherish each and every one.  Even the silly ones and the startled-looking ones and the one where you’re giving us the finger (seriously.)

Then you came home and each time you make one of those little expressions that I know so, so, well from your pictures I feel my heart do a little happy dance.  Freeze framed moments now seen in real life. Love.

This little expression on the right was one of my favorites of you, your eyes so big, your eyebrows raised, taking it all in in the way you do.  We thought you looked so curious and alert and interested in life.  And you are.  You love new experiences and new places, you’re beyond observant of the world around you.  We love that about you.

So today when we took you out to play in the leaves and take some pictures of your first fall here in the pacific northwest and I somehow caught that same little expression on your face, just grown up a little, I remembered that first time we saw that look of yours and it made me smile.

We’re so proud of the way you look at life, keep it up baby boy.

-M & D

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