out with a whimper

I suppose it’s strange to say I’m proud of myself for doing something as simple as writing or posting something everyday for 31 days, but I am.  I’d love to sum up the experience in some profound, meaningful way.  Wrap it up with a neat tidy bow of lessons learned.  And I have learned some lessons.  I’ve learned that even when you think you have nothing to say you probably actually do.  I’ve learned that talking into an empty room is intimidating but doable.

I’ve learned that having something tangible you have to do everyday makes it easier to handle your baby being in the hospital on the other side of the world.

Mostly I’ve realized how fast the days go by.  How much Thane changes everyday.  I don’t allow myself to think that way about K very often, because that hurts too bad.  But I know it’s true with him as well.

Today we took a little dragon to the party at Daddy’s work.  Lots of people on his work campus put candy outside their offices and the kids of the employees can collect their treats while ignoring the absolutely awful fall weather we’re having.  Stupid rain.

I think Thane’s favorite part was actually just having halls and halls to run in.  He loves to run.  N tried to explain how the whole candy thing worked but Thane never really got it.  He would either take candy out of the bowl and put it on the floor or he would take a piece N had put into his cauldron and place it back with the stash he was supposed to be taking it from.  We laughed so hard.  Of course he got ooed and awed over, in part because he really is a cute little dragon, but mostly I think because he was among the littlest there.  And humans in miniature are always adorable.

And I watched the people with the older children and I thought that will be us soon.  And part of me doesn’t want it to be.  Part of me wants him to stay little forever, well not forever but for a few more years.  Last year Nate and I kept saying things like “next year Thane will be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.” and this year we’re saying it about K.  I want our little family together.  I want the waiting to be over.

Time to go to bed.  My little dragon has been waking up lots these days, must be the firebreathing.  Or possible the teeth.  Probably the teeth.


{{His wings were tired so we took the elevator.}}

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  1. Ha! Just the cutest little “dragon”!! Well, I just can’t say how blessed I was, for one, to get real honest glimpses everyday and I thank you for accepting the challenge and using your amazing gift of expression during this past month. Thank you for the authenticity and vulnerability in expressing so much love and the challenges of walking through each day. We love you and your family.

  2. So cute. When I was pregnant, we called our baby Dragon sometimes so I have a soft spot for other little dragons on Halloween and otherwise. He is adorable.

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