Month: November 2012

the second time around

I have a constant sense of deja vu lately.  Like I’m in in my own adoption-themed version of groundhog day.  But I’m not repeating a day I’m repeating a year.  We accepted our two referrals almost exactly thirteen months apart.  And it’s a strange feeling going through the holidays and feeling so many of the same feelings I felt last year.  Thinking the same hopeful thoughts of “next year our family will be together.”  Waiting on the same paperwork.  I even got []

a First Thanksgiving and being an American

One of the cutest (in my biased opinion) newest Americans celebrated his first Thanksgiving this week.  The day before the big day I was suddenly filled with doubts about our plans to go out to eat instead of cooking and decided I was going to do my best Martha Stewart, or maybe Mary Stewart (the slightly more emotionally and lesser known Stewart sister whose linens aren’t ironed, food isn’t from scratch, and who didn’t serve wine from grapes she stomped herself) after []

please let him have a family

The truth is I miss my baby.  The one on the other side of the world, the one I’ve never met, the one I don’t know when I’ll meet.  There is no magic pill that makes this easy.  Putting “adoptive” in front of “mother” in my title doesn’t mean I am suddenly immune from the ache of having my child so far away. The truth is that I think about him when I wake up and when I go to sleep.  I []

baby brothers

My mom is in town this week and we’re getting my life organized.  It’s amazing.  The big project is getting the office turned from a hideous mess of messiness to a darling nursery for K.  Considering the mess that was the office this is impressive.  Nate and I went through boxes that haven’t been opened since we moved in.  Clearly I need to watch some episodes of Hoarders to scare me into better habits.  But it’s cleared out now and then the fun []