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My mom is in town this week and we’re getting my life organized.  It’s amazing.  The big project is getting the office turned from a hideous mess of messiness to a darling nursery for K.  Considering the mess that was the office this is impressive.  Nate and I went through boxes that haven’t been opened since we moved in.  Clearly I need to watch some episodes of Hoarders to scare me into better habits.  But it’s cleared out now and then the fun started, filling it back up with all the cuteness that comes with a new little boy.

We took a trip to the quilt store to fill in a few fabrics to add to the ones already collected.  Which meant Thane got to see the chickens that live next door to the quilt store so he was happy.  He says an adorable “cluck cluck”.

We ended up with green, teal, and gray for the main colors and in a happy happenstance a little banner I made for Thane’s first year birthday party went perfectly.  Poor K, not even home and already getting his big brother’s leftovers.  Welcome to life as a younger child kiddo.  It’s amazing I promise.  Even with the hand me downs.

N and I took a late night trip to Ikea to grab the crib.  Going simple and modern this time.  And in reason number two hundred and three of the reasons I love my husband when I mentioned we needed to go to Home Depot today and get some wood to make an upholstered headboard for the crib he didn’t even blink.  And he cut out the design I made and I love it.

Still at least a few months away right now from baby coming to join our family.  So these little things I can do make the time go by just a little easier.  And it’s good to know he won’t be coming home to a room filled with “to be filed” piles.  Thanks Mom.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear from someone else who still has unpacked boxes from a move. My garage holds more than I will admit to. Your nursery sounds lovely ~ can’t wait to see pics. We’re doing some chick shopping at the moment and I will think of your little one and his “cluck cluck”

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