random thoughts on a sunday evening

I worked on K’s room this weekend and it’s either going to be really cute or look like Pinterest threw up in there.

Thane said the name of his birthcountry for the first time on Saturday.  I was talking about how much we loved looking at his pictures and how much we loved him and said “when you were a baby…” and he interrupted me and said “C___?” More and more I’m realizing how I have these little phrases I use all the time and he’s picking up on them.  And it makes me want to take another look at what I say and make sure I wouldn’t mind my little shadow repeating them.  Of course he repeated a not so nice word the other day and I howled my head off so there’s that too.

He asks for Gigi and Papa at least twice a day.  So tonight I sat down and counted and realized that this year we’ve seen Papa five times and Gigi seven times (my Dad had to work) and we’ll see them again at Christmas.  That might not sound impressive but considering we live in Seattle and they live in CO I’d say that’s pretty darn amazing. I adore them and am so glad my little guy does too.

He will repeat anything I ask him to now (or try.)  I videoed him saying all the names of the months yesterday.  Adorable.  And he can say all the names of his nine aunts and uncles, their significant others, his five cousins, and his honorary auntie and cousin as well (hi M & K!)

I feel like he’s getting smarter everyday.  Which, duh.  But it’s just shocking to me how he’ll be too young for a book or a toy and then suddenly a week later he can figure it out.

He got his 5th tooth while Gigi was here.  I feel like they’re being ridiculously slow at coming in.  He’s been working on three others for forever it feels like.  Ouch.

Daddy is still his favorite toy.


{{Filling out paperwork for one baby while another baby climbs all over him.  Talented.}}


{{Laughing at Daddy’s funny faces and then playing uggamugga (rubbing noses) which he calls ”unnamunna”.}}

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