Edit: I was recently informed this isn’t a cougar.  It’s a leopard.  Which Thane now calls “puppy”.


A few months ago I started taking Thane’s stuffed animals and rocking them and hugging them and talking about how we take care of things we love and it’s neat to see him mimic those behaviors with them. He’s picked this cougar from Gigi as his favorite right now.  He’ll go into his room and get it and hug it and then come up to me and put it on my neck, and I give it a hug and cuddle it and then give him a hug and a cuddle.  Sometimes I think when he doesn’t want to ask for a hug he has the cougar do it for him.

And then today, sitting there on the kitchen floor, he took the cougar’s little front paw in his hand and very seriously looked up at me and said “holding holding.”  Which is what we do in the car when I’m driving and he’s getting overwhelmed or frustrated at the red lights.  I love the feeling of that little hand in mine.  I love it when he squeezes it back.  I even love it when he pushes it away after a few seconds because my arm is blocking his view out the window.


I’m amazed at how his language is exploding right now, and I’m realizing how many little phrases we have that we say all the time to him.  It’s wonderful but intimidating to have a little parrot who doesn’t just pick up on my finer moments.  But today he made me proud when he walked up to me and said “happy!”  Because, yeah, we’re one of those families who talk about our feelings a lot. We’ve been working on learning how to ask for help too, but help proved to be too hard a word so we tried “I need help” which has now become “I nee nee”. Perfection.  He has lots of practice with that one given his new found love of shutting himself in his room without first learning how to work a doorknob.

He’s also started saying “home home” when Daddy gets home from work.  Wow, he loves his Daddy.  He either stands at the top of the stairs and does a little dance while Nate comes through the door or he slides down the stairs and tries to jump into his arms.  It’s like he’s a groupie and Nate’s a rock star.  Which, yeah, I have to agree with too.


{{Photos taken a week or so ago.

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