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That title makes it sound so cold. Clinical. And ultimately the process is, it’s just piles upon piles of paperwork that sit on various desks until various people grab their various writing utensils and sign them. Then the news sorts its way down to us where a little email icon pops up on my phone screen telling me we have movement. And this week, finally, we have movement again. Another little checkmark in another box that brings us one step closer to meeting the little man we’re head over heels in love with.

A form we’ve been waiting on came in. We got the news yesterday and have a copy in our little virtual hands today. This means we have a due date for our next step, which will happen in just over two weeks. It means we’re now in a two and a half month window of time in which K will probably be joining our family. It means that just maybe in a few more months we’ll breathe again without feeling that tightness in our chest.

Because beyond all the cold and clinical parts of the process is a mom who really wants her baby home. Is a dad who works so incredibly hard everyday to provide the funds needed to pay the lawyers who help us bring him home. Is a 19 month old who loves to look at pictures of K on my phone and who kisses the screen whenever he does.

We’re getting closer baby boy, getting closer to getting you here, with us. And I know you don’t know any of this is happening. I know you’re happy with your foster mummy. I know while I lay awake at night wishing to hold you you’re happily content with the one who cares for you so, so well. It will take time once you’re here for you to know this place as home. That’s okay. We’ll wait. We’re good at waiting.


{{My sister and her family sent us these balloons a few months ago to celebrate passing another milestone in our adoption. So grateful for a family that walks this path of waiting with us. And who never once said we were crazy for diving in again six months after Thane came home.}}

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  1. Every photo and bit of progress with the process must be like water to a thirsty soul, and we are thankful. We are very happy about the “chub” too!!

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