an open letter

Dear Patrons of Whatever Store/Mall I Happen to Be Visiting:

Yes, to answer your question he is with me. Believe it or not I do not often follow random toddlers through the store for the fun of it. Though I can see it catching on as a work-out craze.  But no, I am in fact trying to keep up with my son who believes that every long empty aisle is a gift from the running gods, made so he can practice his current running style which is a cross between a trotting horse and an interpretive dance by someone auditioning for “So you Think You Can Dance” who… can’t. I know I could insist he walk nicely next to me throughout our visits but I’m one of those annoying parents who believe as long as it’s safe and he’s not running into people it’s okay to let him express his happiness with speed. Also, I want him to nap a long time today so I can get something done. Like watching The Bachelor.

I am grateful that having a child has reinforced my belief in the goodness of the human heart. Because he gets so many concerned looks from people wondering where his parents are and there’s something really sweet about that. I do sometimes think I’m going to get a shirt that says “he’s with me!” though. Or maybe one for him that says “that white lady back there is my mom, but feel free to go ahead and ask me if I know where she is because I will screech my lungs out at you and run back into her arms which she kind of loves.” That’s a little long maybe.

And to the amazing grandma-type who stood in the aisle with us for a good three minutes and who didn’t get offended when my sometimes shy little guy didn’t want to say hi, thank you. Thank you for complimenting his shoes and then clapping for him when he did a little dance for you. My favorite though was when you started dancing along with him. You kind of made his day. And mine.

-A first time mom of the cute little curly haired boy who just dashed past you


{{Look! I got him to hold still in a store!! Okay, so it was only because I plopped him down on this chair display to take a picture of his cute outfit for his Gigi but still…}}

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  1. I love your sarcastic tone with the watching the bachelor!!! You’d love “burning love” it is a spoof on the dumb show. But viewer discretion.
    He does have quit the cute outfit!

  2. When I have to make an extended appearance at pre-school for something, like Circus Day, I wear my t-shirt that says “Adopt” on the front. It’s easier than answering all the questions from the other parents. It’s as close as I can get to wearing a shirt that actually says, “he’s with me!”

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