Month: April 2013

when gigi came to visit

My mom was here for a week and she spoiled me and the babies silly. I loved it. And her. My mom is an awesome person. She’s one of those people that make you feel good about who you are but make you want to be a better version of who you are too. Talron is clearly fan as well. He’s pretty funny when it comes to laughing, because he doesn’t really. He chuckles in amusement but he doesn’t really laugh. Time []

memories of tal

“Mama loves you” I whispered. And he lifted his head off my shoulder whipped it around, and planted a big one on me. Baby kisses are terribly sweet. And very slobbery. And his have totally stolen my heart. Feisty & Affectionate. Those two words describe so much of who this kid is. This amazing, perfect kid. He was pretty reserved with his smiles in the early days of being with us. I would have been too. Leaving everything you know is scary []

one month together

He’s really here. I have remind myself of that a few times a day. I’ll have him on my lap, cuddling his little body in my arms and it will hit me: this is real, we’re together. It happened. During the process of waiting I held a duel reality in my head and in my heart: he’s mine, he might never be mine. Loving without knowing is a different kind of love. It’s a deep, pounding, fight-to-the-end kind of love that doesn’t []

a very unpinterest easter

I’m going to go ahead and say it: I didn’t grow grass for a tablescape,  didn’t put marshmallows inside pastry, didn’t handsew anything, and I certainly didn’t gold leaf any eggs. Tal’s disappointment was quite severe. But we had a blast. An absolute blast. I think my favorite moment of the day came when Nate and I were in the garage, he was looking for  our pop-up shelter to give us a little shade and I was putting together the boys’ Easter []

my curly-haired boy

Thane’s first picture showed us a sleeping baby with a halo of curls. It melted my heart. And since he joined our family I’ve gotten to know a lot more about his type of hair and how to keep it healthy, it’s so much fun having a curly-haired boy. A few other moms have asked me to write about his hair care routine, so here it is. I admit I struggled with writing it. I’m not an expert, I only know what works []