a very unpinterest easter

I’m going to go ahead and say it: I didn’t grow grass for a tablescape,  didn’t put marshmallows inside pastry, didn’t handsew anything, and I certainly didn’t gold leaf any eggs. Tal’s disappointment was quite severe.

easter blog delete4

But we had a blast. An absolute blast. I think my favorite moment of the day came when Nate and I were in the garage, he was looking for  our pop-up shelter to give us a little shade and I was putting together the boys’ Easter basket, leaving two little boys at the top of the stairs trying to peek through the gate and yelling excitedly at us. It was one of those, how in the world did we go from zero to two kids in thirteen months moments. We waited so long to have kids that having one still catches me by surprise, having two is just absurdly funny.

Thane got right into the dying of eggs. Rejecting such pedestrian ideas such as leaving the egg in the water for any length of time he proceeded to drop them in, take them out, drop them in another, take them out, drop them in again. He even experimented with adding some moss and grass to some of the cups. (Expect to see this trend blowing up pinterest next year.) We pretty much laughed ourselves silly watching him.eggs

When he finally decided to run around the yard for a while the poor eggs managed to stay in the bottom of the glasses long enough to get some color.

eggs 2

His brother experimented with tasting stuff and just generally being adorable. He was pretty found of the eggs and managed to throw them around a bit. Not as big of a hit was tasting grass for the first time.


The Easter Basket had some hilarious moments packed in it. Thane was so incredibly excited about the “eter baket” but was a bit bummed to realized what it actually was and wasn’t even that interested in the toys I had put in it. Not sure what he thought an Easter Basket was but clearly this wasn’t it. Also, unlike the pictures would suggest we weren’t in some weird time travel to the 70’s in these pictures, the white balance on my camera was just off.Collages29

{{Pictured: Thane’s illusions of Easter basket grandeur being crushed and also very cute outfits from Gigi – thanks Gigi!}}

Eventually though, he realized that the Easter basket had a chocolate bunny in it and his disappointment was semi-abated. Now he just had to enjoy it while dodging Tal’s little hands.


Not attending a religious service was hard for me. But Nate taught Thane to say “Happy Resurrection” so that was the greeting that met me when I woke up. And he managed to say it to Papa (my dad) on the phone so that made me happy. I love how both my sons have Ron as part of their names. He’s an amazing grandfather and the best example of a Christ-follower I know.

The truth is I wanted a Pinterest Worthy Easter. I wanted pastel decorations and drawing with white crayons on the eggs before dying them. I wanted little boys in vests and bow ties and page-boy hats. I wanted that and it didn’t happen. Because it wasn’t what our family needed this year. Someday maybe it will be, and I’m going to love the crap out of doing every Resurrection inspired craft I can find. But this year we had a new baby home, a baby that still is stressed by crowds and people. A baby that needed a low-key outdoor celebration of life.

And on this day when we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of the Christ Child I have to stop and reflect about how I’m honoring the One I’ve promised to follow. There are parts of my life I feel satisfied with my efforts in and there are parts of my life that still need to change. But as I go about my life and raise my children one question always haunts me: how did I show love today? I think that’s the message of Easter/Resurrection. Just love. Pure love. And this year love didn’t come with all the trimmings that maybe it will someday. It was a lot like our family pic up there: not anything resembling picture perfect. But it was real and fun and beautiful. And that’s about as truly perfect as a day can come.

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