when gigi came to visit

My mom was here for a week and she spoiled me and the babies silly. I loved it. And her. My mom is an awesome person. She’s one of those people that make you feel good about who you are but make you want to be a better version of who you are too. Talron is clearly fan as well.


He’s pretty funny when it comes to laughing, because he doesn’t really. He chuckles in amusement but he doesn’t really laugh. Time will tell if that’s just who he is or if he’s still just getting relaxed enough around here to let his hair hang down. Speaking of hair. Both the little men got hair cuts. Talron’s was just a simple two-snip process where I cut off those two little curls on either side of his head. Sad to see his funny little curls go but it was time and now things can grow back more evenly. Thane’s hair on the other hand was quite exciting to cut. Gigi did the actual cutting and I yelped and worried and in general did not act like the calm mother that such an occasion should probably call for. Despite my misgivings I love how even it is now and he loves how much easier it is to comb with the dead ends banished and no longer causing tangles.


{{After haircut pic right there.}}

Another amazing thing about my mom is you can say something casual like “he doesn’t have a green hat” and then that afternoon he has one.  And a brown one and a gray one but who’s counting? This one is probably my favorite. It’s earned him the nickname “turtlebear.” (For my fellow MOCCs {{Mothers Of Congolese Cuties}} she also came up with a set pattern and sizes for making those DRC flag hats that people have asked about buying, they will be for sale in about a month and the money is going for a great cause – a program in the DRC that’s building chicken coops.)


{{Before haircut pic. I love Talron’s expression in this one. I think he’s questioning if his brother is indeed cool enough to pull off sunglasses indoors. For the record I think he is.}}

Mom and I also got a chance to delve into some deeper discussions on parenting and loving and everything that comes with that. I hope to share some of it here soon. After Mama left, I think all three of us were suffering from Gigi withdrawal because when  asked the kids to pose for a pic for her this is all the enthusiasm they could muster. Thane’s face pretty much says it all.


But at least their outfits were cute.


Later that day I found Thane curled up on the floor with his toy airplane. Which on one hand breaks my heart but on the other hand I feel proud of him for going to get it out of his closet and putting his sadness at saying goodbye into a tangible form.



So as not to end this post on a downer here’s another cute pic of my turtlebear and one of his brother who woke up this morning mumbling “happy birthday happy birthday” because apparently he dreams about his Gigi, yesterday being her birthday. He was so proud of himself for actually saying it to her on the phone. I was too.



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  1. What treasured memories! Your Mom is an indescribable gift. Reminds me of my dear Mama and what she meant to our kids. No one loves them like a Grandma! Nate was very special as her first grandson.

  2. Love this. Precious moments with photos to match. Also can’t wait for hats! My kiddos have big kid noggins. I wonder if there will be bid kid sizes? I do hope so 🙂

    • Yes! My husband, who has one of the largest heads in existence tried on the largest size and it just stretched to fit him so it should work for any normal human sized child. 😉

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