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Sidenote: I hadn’t posted these pictures before because I was going  reshoot them on a day when there was more light, photoshop them better to fix the color balance, etc, etc. Then I decided that slapping myself back to reality was a better choice and here we are, inconsistent coloring and all.

I’m one of those moms who goes all out decorating the nursery thereby guaranteeing my child will want to co-sleep. Or at least that’s what they tell me. But I adore this  room. I love it for what is and what it represents. I look around and I see a time capsule of the journey of waiting for him.

I see myself not wanting to touch it, afraid that it was too early, too risky, too scary to put that much visible hope into the universe that might throw it back in my face. I see myself curled up in it, crying, while waiting to hear if he was out of the hospital after yet again another stay there. I see myself sitting on the floor painting the drawers and wondering if he’d ever get to scuff them up with his toys, I so wanted those scuff marks. And if scuff marks made my a tired mom stumbling through a diaper change in the middle of the night count then I totally have them now.

This room started out as a green and maroon tribute to the eighties or nineties or whenever this color combo was all the rage. The built-in on the left really dictated much of the finished set-up since I couldn’t remove it due to the lack of carpet. It ended up being a fun ”challenge” (said in the strictest first-world problems sense.)


And now the “afters.”

Backgrounds I made

The color of the walls changes throughout the day from a soft gray to a blue to a green. Kind of like the sea. It was supposed to be our dining room paint and when that didn’t work out I threw it on the walls in here as a stop-gap measure. Then when it was finally time to turn this into his room it ended up working out perfectly.


Taking down the upper cabinets really opened up the room, painting the lower cabinets modernized it, and the countertop redo are boards from Ikea (cheapest wood we could find that I sanded and poly’ed and Nate cut and then we attached them directly to the old countertop by this amazing product we found called… a hot glue gun. I love this side of the room. It’s so happy.

Best of everything

The room was built around my idea for this headboard behind the crib and these fabrics. The navy, the black and white ticking, and the headboard fabric I had in my stash. The other my Mama and I found on one shopping trip. I couldn’t believe how perfectly they came together. Mom made the quilt that same trip because she is a grandma with skills. The headboard was supposed to have a K or the shape of Africa on it. And then, well then Mama surprised me with this crocheted whale which is the cutest thing ever and it became the perfect headboard touchstone. It’s attached with velcro so it can be pulled off easily and played with if he wants. I’ll be taking the little banner behind it off once Tal’s old enough to spend time awake in his crib. So far he pretty much gets picked up instantly upon waking up and we rock him to sleep. Nate cut the headboard design out of a 1/4 piece of plywood. Cheap and perfect.


Best of everything1

Best of everything4

The table was from a garage sale, the whale blanket was also made my mom (this is a theme…) And the cutest whale stool ever is one she found at a thrift store in CO, stashed away in her luggage and then I repainted and added some padding and fabric, I made it removeable so I could wash it. Yeah right. That’s happened.

chair corner

The chair was from craigslist, the outfit on the bottom is from Congo and the closet, well the closet is courtesy of Tal’s daddy who took it from literally nothing to this. I helped a little too. The turtle is from Auntie A who sent it all the way from China.


Congo hat was made by… you guessed it! Gigi/Grandma/My mama.


My favorite update picture of our little boy – nestled in his foster mummy’s hands.


The picture of us on referral day.. And the cuddliest white whale from Auntie L. I’d tell you who made the blanket but it’s just getting repetitive at this point.

Love, that’s what this room is covered in. Love. It’s also currently covered in dirty laundry and other messes but that’s why you take the pictures BEFORE the baby comes home right?


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  1. That is a marvelous room. Everything fits together with so much love and harmony. What a gift!

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