Month: August 2013

back to school (in which I prove my children are not always photogenic)

My facebook feed is filled with back to school photos. Photos of cute little kiddos that moms cry over, all dressed up and leaving for their first day of school. Then the pictures of the teens where moms are counting the days until they leave for good. (I kid, I kid. I think.) My own two little guys are still a few years away from backpacks that don’t include diapers and wipes but I do have some outtakes from attempting to get passport []

forever young: tal turns one

There is something remarkably adorable about a two year old walking around singing “forever young, I want to be forever young…” There are moments I agree with that sentiment. I wish my babies could stay babies forever. I wish I could keep them from their first heart break, their first bully, their first finding out that everyone does not agree they are, as the biased mother told them: the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky. But then again []

tal baby: some words

Our little Tal has been with us for five months. It still surprises me he’s here. As in makes my heart go pitter patter and swell with love and stuff. Five months of wonder and love and getting to know our squishy little man. A friend told me that his pictures seem to morph from little baby to old man then back, and I agree. He has one of those old and young faces and I never know when  I squeeze the []

dear friends of waiting adoptive moms: some things to know (also, we’re sorry)

1. Your friend is not crazy. (She is adopting.) There is, I will admit, a fine line between those two but still it’s good to remember. The international adoption of a child requires enough paperwork to kill a small forest. And more governmental red tape than you can believe. Imagine your longest, most frustrating trip to the DMV. Now quadruple that, add in twelve more governmental agencies in two countries, and remember it’s not a driver’s license you’re waiting for but the []