tal baby: some words

Our little Tal has been with us for five months. It still surprises me he’s here. As in makes my heart go pitter patter and swell with love and stuff. Five months of wonder and love and getting to know our squishy little man. A friend told me that his pictures seem to morph from little baby to old man then back, and I agree. He has one of those old and young faces and I never know when  I squeeze the button on my camera which one is going to pop up. I adore him.

the secret to world peace

Each month as he’s gotten more and more comfortable and at home with us I watch his personality blossom and I love that. I’m so grateful for his foster mom and dad, so grateful. So glad for the home they provided for him during the adoption process. And I’m grateful that thisherewithus is becoming more and more home for him.


{{This little smirk says I have my daddy right where I want him, wrapped around my baby fingers.}}

Getting to know a new little soul is one of the greatest gifts I think this world has to offer. Each child is such a unique being. Sometimes I think that’s why there is a universal draw to babies. We want to know what new wonder they are bringing to our universe.


{{This kid brings some of the funniest smiles ever. From 4th of July on our back deck.}}


A few months ago he was in a routine of getting up from his nap before Thane (back when they were napping at the same time) and I so loved that hour a day of snuggles on the couch and chatting with each other. Because he chats. As in pauses for you to talk and then answers back in babbles. It’s especially darling when he’s complaining about something because his insistence that what he wants is what he wants is a defining quality of him.


{{The snot  lends a certain air of authenticity to the pictures doesn’t it?}}

And affectionate. Wow is he affectionate. He loves to give hugs. He stretches his arms as far as they can go in an attempt to get them around your shoulders, then he leans his little face into your neck and pats you. And you melt into a puddle. His favorite activity is walking back and forth between two people and getting hugs on both ends. Bonus points if the people are mommy and daddy.


{{Daddy is home and everything is right in our world. We love to wait on the front deck for him.}}

He has this way of making you feel honored he noticed you. He scrunches up his little face after giving hugs or kisses and heaves a little sigh that says “oh yeah. lucky you. I just loved you.” And we are. Oh wow are we.


{{Pictures from the last few months, IE I’m too lazy to go back and get specific dates.}}

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  1. You have a beautiful way of sharing your family and the becoming of your family with your readers. And what adorable little men you have!

  2. O such a beautiful baby. I am happy for all your blessings (and that is All as in Mommy, Thane, Little One (sorry, old brain), and Daddy, all wrapped up in one) You are so, so blessed, and such a blessing. Thanks for letting me be informed. carlene Hubbard

  3. Oh, that baby Tal, you described him so well! Love the photos and loved seeing him and getting a few of those little hugs.

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