forever young: tal turns one

There is something remarkably adorable about a two year old walking around singing “forever young, I want to be forever young…”

There are moments I agree with that sentiment. I wish my babies could stay babies forever. I wish I could keep them from their first heart break, their first bully, their first finding out that everyone does not agree they are, as the biased mother told them: the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky.

But then again I would be keeping  them from their first love, their first close friendship, and from finding those special people in their lives who WILL agree they are those things.

So I guess I won’t keep them young forever after all. (Also, that  potion I bought was a total scam, I am writing a review on Amazon as we speak.)

In June and July the babies turned one and two. I’m relieved about this. I no longer have to mentally scramble to figure out how many months old my child is when someone asks. Which hopefully means I’ll no longer have people ask me slowly “they are your kids, right?” after I mumble my way through the  “eight months, no nine, wait, what day is it?” routine with this look on my face:


Let’s talk about turning one: Tal was not overly impressed with his birthday cake. To be honest I wasn’t either. But everything looks better with the right camera lens I think. We had two birthday celebrations. A little one at home with just the four of us (and yes, I decorated, that’s what I do) and one with the family in Colorado.

Favorite gift: a singing card from me (humble brag) that sang, “You Make Me Want to Shout” because he does. He is also currently lying at my feet complaining as I type this so consider this a bottle break. For babies. Only babies.

New folder

Favorite part about the cake: trying to pick all the sprinkles off. The cookie was also deemed mildly amusing. And then about one minute after we presented it to him he took the plate and tried to shove the whole thing off the highchair. That he was thwarted in this was not his favorite moment of the day.

New folder1

But eventually he got into it a little more.


Though he still wasn’t impressed with the taste.


Meanwhile his brother was doing this in the other highchair which I still haven’t painted. Neither have the elves even though I helpfully left the can of spray-paint on the counter overnight. Stupid elves.


{{Yep, that’s the “cake” I made for him. Classy no?}}

The party in Colorado was everything I wanted. Family. So much family. We even got a family picture at the end of my immediate family, all 22 of us. Having everyone together doesn’t happen too often now that a certain sister went and moved to China but that day it did and it was divine. I love my family,and I love them for celebrating our newest little guy. I think we’re awfully lucky to have him (and his cake shunning ways) in our lives.


{{This is the face of boxed cake horror ladies and gentlemen. This is the face that says “mommy should have spent more time on Pinterest because this doesn’t work for me.” Taken in Colorado by Auntie A.}}

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  1. Love love love! you have captured so much emotion with you images! A talented writer and a wonderful photographer. Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!

  2. I too was considering the forever young potion, guess I’ll have to give that a miss too! I’m still having to count my daughters age in weeks… it gets very confusing and I get a few strange looks for the number not rolling straight off the tongue! Happy Birthday to your oh-so-gorgeous boys!

  3. haha! Love the cake face. I’m not a pig fan of cake but especially not store bought. But I do like a good cheescake 😉 maybe he just needs to try a few other cake like desserts to discover his birthday dessert of choice.

    Also, I love that you decorate for the at home “us 4 no more” parties!

  4. Superb! Wish your little ones Happy Birthday (a little belated though)!
    Totally share your sentiment. BabyT is 6 months old and I am already becoming a worrywart. I only pray that she has enough good memories to erase the bad.

  5. Oh this is just gorgeous! I grinned my way through the whole post because your little ones are so cute 🙂 happy birthday to them! And well done Mum and Dad!

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  6. I stumbled upon your blog over the weekend and have spent the last few days reading when I can grab a minute here and there. Your family’s story brings joy to my heart and a tear to my eye! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  7. I couldn’t agree more about gaiertrics. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

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