back to school (in which I prove my children are not always photogenic)

My facebook feed is filled with back to school photos. Photos of cute little kiddos that moms cry over, all dressed up and leaving for their first day of school. Then the pictures of the teens where moms are counting the days until they leave for good. (I kid, I kid. I think.)

My own two little guys are still a few years away from backpacks that don’t include diapers and wipes but I do have some outtakes from attempting to get passport pictures a few weeks ago. You’re welcome.


I also have a link that I would love for you to click on. It’s to a group called  Mwangaza International, run by a Congolese man who is doing great things in his country. Specifically right now they are raising money for some awesome kiddos to go to school. It’s one of those basic rights that we are so lucky to have here where I live. Where the biggest struggle we might face is whether or not that whole Hannah Montana backpack is now…awkward. Or if we’re going to home-school or regular school or un-school or join that hippie commune and eat like happy little bunnies forever.

I still reserve the right to freak out about these choices in a few years but for now I’m eating popsicles on the deck and hoping a few of you have a few dollars to give towards making some school dreams come true for some kids out there, who probably won’t have first day pictures taken while holding a sign saying what they want to be when they grow up, but who really deserve a chance to be whatever they want to be.

Link to give:

Link to my friend’s foundation (well she’s on the board) who first told me about this group, who knows the founder personally, and who is just awesome: (You can give through that link as well.)

PS: I don’t beg for money for groups too often. Really.

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