love in all its incarnations


This week marked six months since I first held in my arms the baby I’d held in my heart for so long. So many emotions go through me when I think of first meeting him. Holding him.

Finding out he was just starting to crawl. Finding out his eyes were as deep and gorgeous as they were in pictures. Love is such a mystery. How it begins, how it grows.


It’s so odd to fall in love with someone before meeting them. It’s a different kind of love. A love that’s based on commitment and dreams, not knowing and touching.

And gradually that love changes. The butterflies and rainbows turn to oceans and mountains. Mama Bear Protective Love turns into “gosh, I really LIKE YOU”.

And our family changes. Changes to become more what he needed, wanted, was. And there are growing pains. Oh dear heavens there are growing pains. But that’s okay. We’re okay. I think.

And he is perfect.


{{Pictures taken on the front walk on our way to a classy dinner of Taco Bell takeout at the park to celebrate. Because that’s all I could manage to put together. But you know what? Baby had fun, his big brother had fun, and Nate and I watched the “meeting him” video I put together to honor the occasion so it was perfect in its own way too.}}


10 thoughts on “love in all its incarnations”

  1. Oh my goodness! Your kids are adorable and your photos are great! I’ve been looking for some more blogs to add to my list… Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  2. I have loved reading your posts from afar. My husband and I thought we were going to adopt from the Congo. On Thursday last we found out that was not meant to be…now we start the process over. I know what you mean about loving someone you don’t know…I don’t even know if our child is born yet. Strange reality, but profound and deep. Thanks for sharing…your words ring so true with me.

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