Month: October 2013

monday thoughts on motherhood (because musings was just too precious sounding)

Monday mornings are such an ego boost as a stay as a stay at home mom. Nate informs the kids that “Daddy is going to work and you’re going to stay home with mommy”. Children greet this news with wailing and gnashing of teeth, words being inadequate to express their horror at this fate and all. I don’t really blame them. I like this guy too and weekends are the best because he’s in them. Also he took that first picture from []

a beach in birch bay and a cathedral in rome (a shout-out for brokenness)

We had to drive north awhile ago to take my sister and her family to the Vancouver airport for their flight back to China. On our way home we decided to stop by Birch Bay, a little rocky beach a stone’s throw from where we used to live. I wanted to take the little boys there. I’m not sure all of the reasons why, I think I had a romantic notion that it would be fun to stand on the same ground []

random thoughts that wander (occasionally into sarcasm): pictures are unrelated, also old

Bangs and layers are pretty much the soccer mom haircut of this generation.  Add a scarf and tall boots and it’s practically a uniform. Excuse me while I go fix my bangs, find my boots, and grab my scarf. I feel there is a conspiracy going on in my home to separate the sippy cup lids from the sippy cup…cups. In my next life I will buy one brand/kind religiously and stick to it. Better yet, why does no one make sippy []