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Bangs and layers are pretty much the soccer mom haircut of this generation.  Add a scarf and tall boots and it’s practically a uniform. Excuse me while I go fix my bangs, find my boots, and grab my scarf.

I feel there is a conspiracy going on in my home to separate the sippy cup lids from the sippy cup…cups. In my next life I will buy one brand/kind religiously and stick to it. Better yet, why does no one make sippy cups in which the lids stay permanently attached?


A few weeks ago I told Thane how many days it was ‘til Papa and Gigi got here, his reply: “MMMM, that will be yummy”. Is this how an adorable vampire movie should start? I think yes.

Talking about heaven to a two year old takes a hilarious turn when your brother has a dog names Angel.

This week I discovered that a poopy diaper, when dropped over carpet, lands like a cat and not like a sandwich. My relief over this cannot be properly expressed.

I hope I raise my kids with enough emotional honesty that they will recognize their need for therapy one day. On account of me raising them.


It makes me laugh when people say their diet is all about getting healthy and not at all how they look and then post pictures of their waistline and not their cholesterol numbers. I can laugh because I should go on a diet. For my waistline. Not my health.

Yesterday I was rocking a two year old to sleep for nap while his daddy was rocking the one year old who was protesting naptime something fierce. Thane looks up at me and declares “Him just being a loudmouth.” Accurate.

We had a wonderful week with Papa and Gigi here. They left behind an installed kitchen faucet, a bathroom facuet that now has hot water, rewired entryway lights, two newly organized closets, and a host of smaller jobs. Not to mention two very spoiled little boys. Seriously, I don’t know where they get their energy. They come back in November. We are counting down the days. So lucky to have grandparents that want to be involved in all our lives. And who can figure out how to get a hot water pipe to work (that hasn’t worked since the previous owner did all sorts of interesting thing to this house) without calling a plumber. I still don’t know how he did it but I know it involved a bicycle pump. Filed under “My dad is awesome. Also useful.”

{{Pictures from this summer, also all taken by my sister A.}}

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  1. I laughed out loud about the poopy diaper. Amen on that!

    Oh, how I wish I had parents who could/would do those sorts of things! How wonderful. Oh well, I will be like that for my kids. 🙂

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